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5 benefits of having a business webstie
5 reasons your business needs a website in 2023
According to a survey that was conducted, about 82% of the people would buy goods or services from the businesses who has their own website because it has a psychological effect on people which leads them to believe the legitness of the business. Having a website both for small business owners...
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How to choose your web design agency
If you’re in the market for a new website, or you’re looking to redesign your current site, you’re probably wondering how to choose your web design agency. After all, the company you choose will be responsible for designing and developing your site, which gives the first impression a customer...
starting a business in zambia by pary's web
How to Start a Business in Zambia 2022
The Registrar of Companies is responsible for business registrations in Zambia. He/she issues certificates of compliance for foreign companies, certificates of incorporation for local companies, and certificates of registration for sole proprietorship and partnerships. Foreign investors are...
How to improve your SEO
Why is SEO important Hard work and a reliable website can help you outrank the #1 site for any keyword. How to improve Write a blog post that’s structured specifically for search engines. Leverage the built-in featured snippet on search engines. Optimize technical pages. Use micro data-heavy...
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Do you really need a website in 2022
“Growing companies need to invest in a quality website. It is an aggregation of a company’s most valuable assets. When designed correctly, it communicates a company’s competitive differentiators, process, clients, employees, and success stories. It creates a connection and builds confidence...
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