How to improve your SEO

Why is SEO important

Hard work and a reliable website can help you outrank the #1 site for any keyword. How to improve Write a blog post that’s structured specifically for search engines. Leverage the built-in featured snippet on search engines. Optimize technical pages. Use micro data-heavy content. Take advantage of author featured snippets.

SEO, What is it?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a website or landing page in search engine results pages (SERPs). That goal can be reached by optimizing both the content and technical performance of a web site.

1. Write a blog post

Write a blog post that’s structured specifically for search engines, like the one your are reading right now. Aim to structure your blog posts in a way that makes them scannable for search engines. This can involve minor formatting tweaks and technical optimization—but this will make your content easier to find and more likely to show up in search results. Create a table of content or table of contents, and include linking headers and descriptions if your blog post makes reference to tables of contents. Remember: When your content is organized for search engines it makes your site more legible for visitors. The more likely a visitor is to find your article after searching “how to write a blog post” the more likely they are to click through.

2. Leverage the built-in featured snippet on search engines.

What’s a featured snippet? A featured snippet is Google’s universal resource for answers to questions, usually pertaining to local, product or service related queries. It’s a small box that appears on the search engine results page accompanied by a container snippet on the basis of the query. When a visitor types in a question, the featured snippet nips it in the bud so that the answer to the question is displayed below. Consider here the same query as it is in reality – “best CRM.” Take a look at the featured snippet Google’s built-in around “best” queries on SERPs below. Its featured snippet image is obviously a CRM – HubSpot CRM. The snippet tells you who to speak with, where to find the answers to the query and also includes some information about the content provider. This is very helpful for a local business or brand. Just type in “CRM near me” and “HubSpot CRM”.

The featured snippet allows websites to tell Google what your webpage is about without having to embed any additional content. When someone is looking for a webpage on Google, the featured snippet shows up as a box above the search results, below the text box. This box tells Google three things about your webpage: What it is about. What it contains. How to submit an answer to a question. The best webpage examples that leverage the featured snippet include books, cookbooks, restaurant menus and forms, work instructions, online classes, movie trailers, and television shows.

3. Optimize technical pages.

Technical mistakes can see a huge drop in rankings. Rearrange your blog posts in a way that’s easy to understand. Verbs are crucial. Make every verb clickable by including anchor text or unique keyword phrase. Take it to the next level.

4. Incorporate images into your content.

The image should be relevant to the topic and follows a certain formatting convention, otherwise you risk it going unnoticed. This includes at least one wireframe image.


Things can get pretty technical. Always make sure you have the framework right before clicking “Publish”.

5. Bracket your text while working within the grammar rules set by Google

HTML is taxonomic, which means it follows a specific framework that matches what your webpage consists of. Halting in progress is to be avoided at all costs. Sounds harsh… but it needs to be said. Too-technical posts will always struggle in the SERPs. As says, HTML follows a set of rules and doing something on it can affect your ranking. “Not sure how to start? Read this: Wikipedia’s HTML coding tutorial. Otherwise, let’s take it really step-by-step with these practical tips and some examples.” – Karma Sacre Co-founder & CMO Heather Brown Bama If you’re still unsure, it’s all about taking a look at the search engine results page as an end-user. Using a tool like SEMrush can help you tremendously. Don’t feel rushed. That’s normal. You don’t have to learn everything immediately. Just make sure to stick to the fundamentals like completing each sentence in an article is important. Paragraph Topic: Contents are more important than the keywords.

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